2023 Sewio Summit
Amid the cobbled streets and spires of Prague, a new narrative on the future of manufacturing was being written. Inside the contemporary confines of the Mama Shelter Hotel, thought leaders, innovators, and industry pioneers convened for the third annual Sewio Summit.
2023 Sewio Summit

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Blog

2023 Sewio Summit – Charting the Future of Manufacturing: Unilec SA and Sewio Join Forces

Amid the cobbled streets and spires of Prague, a new narrative on the future of manufacturing was being written. Inside the contemporary confines of the Mama Shelter Hotel, thought leaders, innovators, and industry pioneers convened for the 2023 Sewio Summit. Representing Unilec SA, our team arrived with expectations but left the 2023 Sewio Summit with revelations.

As a leading provider of manufacturing automation solutions, Unilec SA has embraced RTLS as a key technology for driving innovation and efficiency in the sector. Our partnership with Sewio, the leading provider of RTLS solutions, reflects our commitment to empowering manufacturers with the tools they need to succeeding today’s competitive landscape.

The 2023 Sewio Summit was a transformative event that showcased the power of RTLS to revolutionize manufacturing operations. From keynote addresses by industry visionaries to case studies from real-world deployments, the summit provided a wealth of insights and inspiration for manufacturers of all sizes.

Key Highlights from the Summit

  • The Core Message: The Summit’s Guiding Theme – “Digitization in Manufacturing: The Power of RTLS in Overcoming Industry Challenges.” In an era punctuated by uncertainties – from labor shortages to intricate supply chain intricacies – the symposium championed RTLS as the torchbearer guiding industries through the maze.
  • Stories of Transformation: Beyond the statistics and tech jargon, the real essence of the summit was in its stories. Industry veterans took the stage to narrate their trysts with RTLS, detailing how it became the fulcrum leveraging their operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing profitability.
  • Masters of the Craft: The keynote sessions stood out as a beacon of enlightenment. Industry visionaries took to the stage, offering a masterclass on the transformative power of RTLS. Their profound insights illuminated the palpable shifts and evolutions in the manufacturing landscape, all driven by this groundbreaking technology.
  • The Versatility of RTLS: The applications of RTLS are as diverse as they are revolutionary. The summit meticulously explored its multifaceted applications, from reshaping automotive production using advanced tracking to redefining modular construction dynamics.
  • A Walk through Innovation: The tour of the PRAKAB Cabling Factory was a testament to the summit’s commitment to tangible learning. Walking through its corridors, we witnessed the symphony of RTLS in action, orchestrating precision, efficiency, and innovation.
  • Networking Afloat: As twilight draped Prague, our discussions found a serene yet animated setting on the Vltava River. Aboard a steamboat, we forged deeper connections, shared insights, and painted visions for the future against a backdrop of Prague’s timeless beauty.

Reflecting on the 2023 Sewio Summit, Milan Simek, CEO at Sewio, encapsulated its essence: “Innovation is the key to overcoming challenges facing the manufacturing sector today.” The summit was more than an event; it was a clarion call for leaders like Unilec SA and Sewio to helm the ship steering towards a promising, innovative future.

To everyone who was a part of this transformative journey at the 2023 Sewio Summit and those eager to chart similar paths, let’s connect, share, and shape the next chapters of industrial evolution together.

How RTLS is Transforming Manufacturing

RTLS is a technology that uses radio signals to track the location and movement of objects in real time. It has a wide range of applications in the manufacturing sector, including:

  • Asset tracking: RTLS can be used to track the location of valuable assets, such as equipment, tools, and materials, throughout the manufacturing process. This can help to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and prevent theft.
  • Production optimization: RTLS can be used to track the flow of materials and products through the manufacturing process. This data can be used to identify bottlenecks and optimize production schedules.
  • Quality control: RTLS can be used to track the quality of products at each stage of the manufacturing process. This can help to identify and address quality issues early on, preventing defective products from reaching customers.
  • Safety and security: RTLS can be used to track the movement of employees and visitors in the manufacturing facility. This can help to improve safety and security by identifying unauthorized individuals and tracking the location of workers in the event of an emergency.

Unilec SA and Sewio: A Partnership for Innovation

Unilec SA and Sewio are partnering to bring the power of RTLS to manufacturers of all sizes. Unilec SA’s expertise in industrial automation and Sewio’s leading RTLS solutions combine to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help manufacturers to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

If you are a manufacturer looking to transform your operations with RTLS, contact Unilec SA today to learn more.

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