Material Handling

Lane And Box Dividers

In the realm of industrial automation, both lane and box dividers play a pivotal role in efficiently directing the flow of products and boxes, respectively, onto different conveyors in processing lines.

Industrial Automation Lane And Box Dividers

Lane Dividers

Streamlining Operations

Lane dividers are essential components in automated material handling and packaging processes, proficiently managing and directing the flow of various types of products such as bottles, bricks, cans, and more. With the ability to efficiently merge and divert products onto different conveyors, lane dividers significantly streamline operations in processing lines, providing up to six channels to accommodate diverse product types and sizes.

Lane Divider efficiently separating various products on a conveyor


Lane dividers play a critical role in the efficient management of product flow within processing lines. They allow for the precise routing of diverse product types onto their designated paths, promoting streamlined operations.


Designed for versatility, lane dividers enable product merging and diverting onto different conveyors. This flexibility is essential for meeting the varied demands of modern industrial processes.


Catering to a wide range of product types, from bottles to bricks and cans, lane dividers are built to accommodate and handle diverse materials. This adaptability ensures that they can meet the unique needs of different industries.

Box Dividers

Boosting Efficiency

Specifically designed for box handling, box dividers merge or divert packages onto different conveyors in processing lines, effectively managing the flow of boxes of various sizes with up to eight available channels. Box dividers are the epitome of efficiency and versatility in the handling of boxes in automated material handling and packaging processes, ensuring streamlined operations and optimum use of space on processing lines.

Box Divider precisely managing box flow in a processing line


Designed with precision, box dividers are a specialized solution for efficient box handling. Their role in merging or diverting boxes onto different conveyors in processing lines is critical to maintaining an efficient flow of goods.


Box dividers can handle a range of box sizes, proving their adaptability and flexibility in diverse operations. Their design allows for up to eight channels, each capable of accommodating a different box size.


Box dividers are designed to integrate easily with other automation systems. This compatibility makes them a versatile addition to any processing line, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Lane And Box Dividers

Benefits of our services

Utilizing Lane And Box Dividers in industrial automation can supercharge your processing lines, offering a multitude of benefits from increased efficiency to greater versatility. Let’s delve into the advantages that lane and box dividers offer.

Efficient Operations

They optimize the flow of products and boxes on conveyors, leading to more efficient operations.

Streamlined Processes

They merge and divert items onto different conveyors, streamlining the operations in processing lines.

Space Optimization

By efficiently managing product and box flow, lane and box dividers optimize the use of space on processing lines.

Easy integration

They integrate seamlessly with other automation systems, adding to the overall efficiency of the production line.

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