Real-Time Location Systems


SEWIO offers precise, easy-to-integrate, reliable, and fully scalable IoT solution for the digitization of movement to allow process visibility, boost production efficiency, simplify the inventory process and increase safety.

Unilec SA's Sewio RTLS Indoor Tracking

SEWIO Ultra-Wideband Technology (UWB)

Enterprise-Industry Proven Technology

Sewio Networks provides a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor positioning for companies in the intralogistics, retail, sport, entertainment, and livestock industries. The system is built on ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and delivered with RTLS Studio, remote management, and visualization software.

A UWB canopy deployed for forklift tracking can now provide monitoring of assets, inventory, WIP, and safety for pedestrians and lone workers. UWB-enabled companies can boost efficiency thanks to precise location data and achieve next-level efficiency by reducing physical labor needs. It has helped a range of international businesses with unique logistical challenges.

Visibility for Increasing Productivity

Complete visibility of your live processes means shorter time-to-value Industry 4.0-ready projects, resulting in optimized workflows, increased production, and reduced costs.

Superior Accuracy

Sewio RTLS’s superior accuracy brings you unrivaled flexible infrastructure suitable for multiple existing and future business cases.

Short Deployment Time

Deliver shorter time-to-value Industry 4.0-ready projects fast, with lower maintenance costs and on the budget for the wide acceptance of all stakeholders.

SEWIO Anchors Tags And Software


Benefits of our services

Unlike other indoor tracking and positioning technologies, Sewio RTLS operates on dedicated, unoccupied, and interference-free UWB technology that is fully industry certified to guarantee reliable and scalable performance in even the harshest environments.


Sewio is a fully scalable solution that allows you to customize existing tags, add more trackable objects, and increase the coverage as your needs grow.


Enjoy bi-directional seamless third-party integration with our fully documented Open API that always allows you to fit our technology around your vision and needs and unleash your creativity to build the perfect future-proven solution.

Positive ROI

With 5+ years of battery life, the maintenance-free solution is resistant to damage, and the possibility to combine antenna types within a single project are just a few reasons for the highly positive ROI of your indoor tracking projects with Sewio.

Success Focused

We deliver successful projects backed up by our unrivaled 10+ years of UWB technology and top-down expertise, from networking technology and its protocols to certification of real-life enterprise digitization projects.

Key Partners

Who We Work With

We work with businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities, and automotive. Our clients trust us to help them achieve their automation goals, and we're proud to have built long-term relationships with many of them.