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Safety Systems

Safety in production is vital to prevent or minimize the risk of worksite injuries, related illnesses, and even death. In addition, employee morale and efficiency improve with a highly effective safety process.

An integrated Safety System ensuring workplace protection.

Safeguarding Workplaces

Efficient Safety Systems

Unsafe equipment leads to injuries that add to the facility’s cost, along with degrading morale and efficiency. An effective production safety process includes 100% employee participation and holds everyone accountable. A proactive approach to safety systems ensures not only the physical wellbeing of the workforce, but also the financial health of the company by avoiding the potential costs of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Laserglow Technologies Safety Systems

Laserglow Technologies

Laserglow Technologies products are designed to enhance workplace safety by projecting clear, visible warning signals such as lines, arrows, spots, and stop signs.

Safety Light Curtain offering hand and body protection in the production process.

Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains ensure that it is safe to intervene in the production process. Additionally, safety light curtains provide finger, hand, and body protection depending on the requirements. 

Safety Gate Lock System securing doors and fences in machine installations.

Safety Gate Lock Systems

Safety gate lock systems protect doors and fences in machines and installations from dangerous machine movements and combines safety switch, bolt, and door locking mechanisms into one. No two safety applications are the same.

Safety Scanner monitoring multiple protective fields for ultimate safety flexibility.

Safety Scanners

Safety scanners can monitor multiple simultaneous protective fields, giving you total flexibility in your safety applications. You can combine and organize those multiple protective fields for ultimate flexibility in your manufacturing environment.

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