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Safety Light Curtains

The safety light curtain ensures that it is safe to intervene in the production process. Additionally, safety light curtains provide finger, hand, and body protection depending on the requirements.

Unilec SA Safety Light Curtains

A New Era of Protection

Your Solution for Operational Safety

Pivotal in providing an effective safety barrier within your production line, their use extends to various applications like robotics, packaging machines, and presses, ensuring optimal protection for your employees. These devices embody a comprehensive solution that not only promotes safety but also contributes significantly to operational economy across all industries.

PILZ Safety Light Curtains

Precise Sensing

Safety Light Curtains are known for their precise sensing capabilities, allowing them to identify and respond swiftly to any intrusion in the guarded area.

Multifaceted Protection

These devices offer versatile protection, safeguarding against potential hazards to fingers, hands, and bodies depending on the specific needs of the application.

Application Diversity

Safety Light Curtains are highly versatile and can be used in various applications including robot cells, packaging machines, and presses.

Economical Solution

Providing an economical alternative to physical guards and barriers, Safety Light Curtains do not obstruct worker movement and production flow.

Robust Design

These devices are designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding harsh industrial environments and continuing to function optimally.

Safety Light Curtains

Benefits of our services

Light Curtains play a crucial role in safeguarding your workforce and enhancing operational efficiency. Let’s uncover the remarkable benefits that these safety devices provide in your production process.


By eliminating the need for physical barriers, these devices allow for better workflow, contributing to improved productivity.

High Precision

The high precision of these devices ensures accurate detection of intrusions, further enhancing their effectiveness in promoting safety.


The adaptability of Safety Light Curtains to a wide range of applications enhances their utility value across various industries.


These devices require minimal maintenance, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing potential disruptions.

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